A community made up of super top agents of real estate. We will expand agent support services and provide customers the best real estate purchasing experience.

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Mitsui Masayoshi CEO and Co-Founder

Prior to EQON, I held positions at the Financial Real Estate Investment Division of Marubeni Corporation and primarily engaged in asset management business of private real estate funds. (Waseda University / USCPA / Real Estate Securitization Master)

Sawai Shinji COO and Co-Founder

Six years of expertise in real estate industry at Recruit Sumai Company, consulted real estate agents in terms of marketing. Conducting advertisement consultations as well as creating their sales strategies led myself finding out clients' opportunity for revenue growth.

Herol Gaibin CTO and Co-Founder

Before EQON, I was doing research on computer vision at the University of Tokyo. I am involved in many global system production projects, from AI to Blockchain technology besides web and mobile apps development. (Master of Engineering, Nagoya University)

In the news

Nov 1, 2018 Launched

We started to operate the service.

June 2, 2018 EQON Inc.

Established EQON Inc. for the purpose of supporting real estate agents.

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